Mountainview High School offers a guidance counselling service to our school community. New Zealand and international research shows that the enhancement of student wellbeing is emerging as an important approach to the development of a student’s social, emotional and academic competence. Youth issues are increasingly complex. As such our school counsellor can assist student’s co-construct solutions to deal with a range of personal, social or behavioural issues that could impact on their current and future wellbeing.

About the role:

Counsellors help to manage risk around complex issues as a point of ‘first screening’ that students can easily and confidently access. Skills, knowledge and strengths-based approaches are used to assist students to:

  • Be listened to, in privacy and with confidentiality
  • Safely get through moments of crisis and manage ongoing risk
  • Find solution-focused strategies to use
  • Identify their strengths, and draw on key emotional competencies
  • Build resilience
  • Strengthen their sense of self, and self esteem
  • Access key information, other services and resources relevant to their situation
  • Be advocated for, as needed
  • Be motivated, encouraged and empowered
  • Value and express diversity