Industrial Action – PPTA Teachers’ Industrial Action

The PPTA has advised the Mountainview High School Board that its member teachers at our school will be taking strike action during Term 2. This industrial action may have a significant impact on the operation of the school and school based events.

The industrial will be as follows:

A One-Day Rolling Strike: Tuesday 9th May
Due to the high number of PPTA members at school we will be closed for instruction on this day. We understand this may inconvenience some of you and apologise for the disruption it may cause. 

Rostering Home: Weeks 2 through 7, Term 2.
Students from each year level will be rostered home on specific days. Students who are rostered home will not have work provided for them by their classroom teachers. The school will, however, remain open for instruction for all other year levels.

Rostering home schedule:
Week 2, May 4th: Year 11
Week 3, May 11th: Year 13
Week 4, May 16th: Year 9; May 17th, Year 10
Week 5, May 25th: Year 11
Week 6, May 30th: Year 13; June 1st: Year 12
Week 7, June 6th: Year 10; June 8th: Year 9

Relief Ban
The PPTA has also signalled that the relief ban will continue throughout the term. This could have a significant impact on school trips, learning, and sporting/cultural activities as the term continues, especially if we have another wave of COVID-19 in our community. We will keep you updated on the effects of this later in the term. 

Thank you for your understanding in these matters and we hope this situation is resolved in the not too distant future. 

Yours sincerely,

Kenny Diamond, 
Principal, on behalf of the Mountainview High School Board