International Accommodation

The aim of the Homestay Host Programme is to provide the student with a New Zealand cultural experience in a family environment that is positive and accepting of the cultural differences each student will bring.

Our international students come to us from all over the world as part of their overseas experience. Whilst exciting, we are aware that this time can also be a bit daunting and can be a source of nervousness. Our experienced homestay families are well-experienced at dealing with this.

We like the Homestay option because it exposes our international students to English in an everyday setting, and our Kiwi way of life. To make the most of this opportunity, and to be involved in the family, the student needs to be prepared to “take part” in the daily routines of the host family. For example,

  • Help prepare meals and help clean up afterwards
  • Spend time with the family after meals (whether watching TV or going for walks)
  • Do not hide away in the bedroom
  • Talk to the family about your day
  • Ask permission before going out
  • Keep your room tidy
  • Do not spend all the time on the internet.
  • Host familes come in all shapes and sizes. Whatever the make up of the host family, they will have gone through a thorough checking process, including Police Checks, and be approved by the school. Our basic philosophy is…

“If we wouldn’t want our own children in the home, we would not put a student in there.”