Student Stories

Hi! My name is Nut. I was an exchange student from Thailand. Even though I stayed in New Zealand for only a short period, I still enjoyed every moment there. I lived in Timaru with a very kind host family and studied at Mountainview High School. At that time, I felt like I didn’t want to go back to Thailand because I really love this school. I can choose any subject that I want to learn which some of our Thai schools can’t. Moreover, all the teachers were very kind and friendly. They all welcomed me nicely. I feel so lucky that once in my life I have been to New Zealand. Thank you for taking good care of me.

Nuttacha Suphanimitwatsana (Nut)


The first day that I came to New Zealand my host family gave me a very warm welcome. It felt like home they were always smiling and gave me a hug before I go to bed. My host family were very happy, funny and lovely family also their pets are all nice to me.
I really enjoy the food there in New Zealand, it’s very different kind of food from home but they were also delicious. My favourite food in New Zealand was fish and chips, creamy ice-cream and roasted lamb. My first day of school was a very nice day, every one was very friendly they are all nice, cute and lovely. I got many friends from the school. My buddy is so nice she is very beautiful I love her a lot. I have been to many beautiful places in New Zealand such as Lake Tekapo and Oamaru. New Zealand is so natural and they have a nice and clear sky at daytime and a lot of stars a night time. Now I feel like New Zealand is my second home. It’s was very beautiful memories and I’m sure that I will go back visit my host family and friends or to be an exchange student again.

Phimphiroon Boonchat (Kaow)


Hey, my name is Marvin Petersen. I´m from Germany and I had the privilege to study at Mountainview High School for 10 Months. In my time here, Mountainview has always made sure that all my needs were met and furthermore the Staff as well as students supported me in making these 10 Months the best experience, I could possibly have had. For example I was included in the school musical, enjoyed tramping in the middle of nowhere and even went bungy jumping in Queenstown. I was able to see a lot of New Zealand in this year and Timaru truly is a pearl. It is a small, but lovely town. I love the bay and the close town. All the people I met here are like a small family for me and even my homestay is, despite our differences, a big support and a surrogate home. Mountainview is a special school. It sees your potential and supports you in coming closer to your dreams. It recognizes your effort. This year I received several Prices at Senior Prize giving, including first overall in Psychology and ESOL. I´m really thankful for everything in the last 10 Months and I´m looking forward to coming back one day to visit my new, second home.

Marvin Petersen


Living in other country is not easy. I’m one of the International students that came for education in New Zealand , where everything is different for my country. First time that I was arrived here I felt that I can’t stay any longer but when I try to go along with people here , I fine it more easy and comfortable . Mountainview high school teach me many thing that I haven’t done before like Drama class, Photography , Art grapic etc. and Kiwi students are also very friendly and kind to us that make me feel more than welcome and help me a lot. Homestay is other points that help me a lot to and me make change my viewpoint and make me feel comfortable at there house, I also like the city here . Life is very easy here because we don’t have any traffic jam or polution . This is my opinoin for Timaru and Mountainview high school for my experiences.

Thai students

Adisorn Jadmuang ( ice )