Student Leadership

Mountainview High School provides opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills which will ensure they become valued members of a wider community.

Peer Support

Peer Support is an important part of our junior orientation programme. It provides support and assistance to the Year 9 students starting secondary school by ensuring they have positive role models. The peer support programme utilises group discussion and activities led by senior students to help develop self-confidence, trust and friendship. Year 12 and 13 students undergo a training programme prior to implementing the programme, and organise ongoing sessions to reinforce these values under the guidance of staff.

Whānau Council

Each whānau has a student council whose role is to foster unity. The focus is on encouraging others to be active and valued members of both their group and whānau, and to participate in the many challenges and activities that are run within our school. They take responsibility for the day to day running of the whānua, as well as assisting with the organisation of assemblies. Students from any year level can be nominated to be on the councils, as it is a way of developing leadership skills in all of our students. Two members of this council lead it and they provide the link to the Executive Council. Year 10 leaders are also elected for each whanau to assist during the latter half of the year as the seniors turn their focus to their end of year exams.

Executive Council

Consists of the Head Students, House Leaders, Sports Captains, Maori Rep, and the International Rep. Members of this council often represent the school at formal occasions as ambassadors of the school. The Executive Council works closely with senior staff members to implement their vision for the year. Charities and organisations are supported with funds raised through mufti days and events such as our annual Mounties Got Talent. All year 13’s take on an important leadership role in supporting this council and are integral in making up the Social Committee, SADD and the Sports Council, as well as being buddy readers to our Learning Support Centre students.