Health Programme

At Mountainview High School, our Health Education programme aligns with the school vision statement: Empowering students to thrive in our Whānau Culture.

We aim to plan and deliver culturally responsive and engaging units of learning that empower students to make positive health enhancing choices in the key areas of learning:

Hauora, Substances that impact Well-Being, Mental Health, Sexuality, and Body Care and Physical Safety. Students will be given skills, knowledge, and tools to be lifelong learners to enhance their own well-being. The four key underlying concepts will be woven through all teaching: Hauora, socio-ecological perspective, health promotion and attitudes/values.

It is imperative for our young people to develop the skills and knowledge needed to navigate an ever changing world. Our Health programmes ensure that our students are prepared for this world by developing their understanding in the following areas:

  • Wellbeing and Hauora
  • Promoting physical health and healthy choices
  • Building an inclusive society and respecting diversity
  • Sexuality (including informed consent)

Health is a compulsory learning area at Mountainview High School. Students in Years 9 and 10 participate in the Health programme as part of their Junior Physical Education Programme. The programme is supplemented by several additional topics which are covered throughout the school year, and delivered by external providers.

We feel strongly about the place of Health education in Aotearoa, and because of this it is compulsory in Year 11. To ensure our students have the best opportunity to succeed we have made it a priority to ensure every student has an engaging, and meaning experience. In Year 11 all students complete an NCEA Health Programme which extends beyond the topics covered in the Junior School. Our Year 11 students have 2 x 75 minute Health classes each week and completed between 12-20 NCEA Level 1 Achievement Standards.