Student Report

International Report 2018

This year we have had 52 students from various countries attend Mountainview High School as International students. We have had 7 full time International students from Hong-Kong, Thailand, Germany and Japan. The first semester started with 14 new students from Thailand and a group of Brazilians who joined our school for a few months. In the second semester we had a group of Chinese, Korean and two groups of Japanese students attend Mountainview. They all participated in the classes with the Kiwi students. Some of the students even excelled in different areas of school; academically and sporting.

At the beginning of the year, we attended the International students Mayoral welcome ceremony at Caroline Bay Hall where we met Mayor Damon Odey. We watched the performance from our school’s jazz band, a Kapa Haka item by Timaru Girls and a musical by Roncalli College students. That was the first time that some of our students had experienced the Maori culture.

Swimming Sports and Athletics was a blast! Seeing teachers participate in the games and how enthusiastic the students were really put a smile on my face. The International students were in charge of the barbecue during the Swimming Sports. It was a great kiwi experience.

During our first term break the school took us to Tekapo where we had our first experience ice skating and being in the hot pools overlooking the amazing view of Lake Tekapo. Although it became very windy and started to rain halfway through the trip, I think everyone still had a great time. We were also lucky enough to have a trip to Christchurch and visit the Antarctic Centre. We experienced how cold and strong the wind is in the Antarctic and we also learnt about what scientists do in the Antarctic, which I found very interesting.
In Term 2 the senior international students attended our school ball. Balls are not very common from our backgrounds that it was a new experience and all of our international students had a blast that night. I particularly enjoyed dancing with my friends and taking pictures with them in our beautiful dresses. It was fun to see our kiwi friends all dressed up in gowns and suits.

In May, we hosted the International Day where we got to dress up in our traditional outfits. The Brazilians sang a few songs, the Asians made a quiz and the Thais performed their traditional dances. We also had a farewell party for the Brazilians and we made different types of Kiwi food such as Pavlova, Kiwi Dip, Lolly Cake, Cheese Rolls, etc. We had an awesome time making them. It was the first time trying these Kiwi classics for some of us.

Term 3 brought new students and another Tekapo trip was planned with the new group of Chinese, Koreans and Japanese. We went on the Tube Park. We had a lot of fun sliding down the tube. We also went to Queenstown. We had an amazing view at our campground as we were facing Lake Wakatipu. We went on the Gondola and the Luge. Some of us even were brave enough to do the bungee jump.

Overall, our International students and visitors had an amazing year in Mountainview High School.

Nicole Wong
Head International Student