International News

So far this year we have had 24 students as part of our programme with more to come. This number included 9 students from a school in Thailand who spent a very enjoyable 3 weeks with us.

Students are well settled into their programmes, and we have also had a great trip to Dunedin with some international students from other South Canterbury schools. The trip included visits to-Moeraki Boulders, Oamaru historic sector, ice skating, shopping, museum, and a bit of sight-seeing. We were really proud of the group and the way they took part. Many positive comments were received from the places we visited.

One of the best aspects about having these students in the school is the cultural value they add to our whole student body. We had many students act as Kiwi buddies for the Thai Group that came. Their role was to provide guidance and support so that they felt part of the school. The students followed their buddies to classes and group meetings and got to make new Kiwi friends. At the end of the Thai visit we had a lunch, presented certificates to the students involved and they had an opportunity to bid them farewell. Many of the Thai students wanted to come back next year and one boy wants to come back and finish his high school education here. That is a good sign that things went well for them.

Our Homestays continue to provide a great service to these students. It is important that the internationals are in homes that treat them as they would their own children, provide support when needed, and generally enjoy the benefits of providing a good “Kiwi experience”. We have a great set of homestays but are always looking for more. If you are interested in finding out about this, please send me an email at

In Term 3 we have another 13 students arriving – 3 junior high students from Japan (7 weeks), 3 German students (all year) and 7 students from Brazil (until mid-November). It is going to be a busy time. We are planning a trip to Queenstown, a trip to Christchurch and a trip skiing. There will be notices home about all this of course.

Thank you to everyone, Kiwi students, staff and homestays for making our internationals feel welcomed and part of our school. They provide us with an opportunity to add cultural value to Mountainview and we have the opportunity to learn about other cultures and make friends from all over the world. Well done everyone.