School Vision

‘An inclusive Whanau environment, where our community is valued and committed to the personal excellence of all students and staff’

We can’t overplay the word Whanau in the school vision. Mountainview High school is one big family and our students readily develop a sense of belonging. Being a ‘Mountie’ is one of the best compliments our students and staff offer each other. Being part of the family, showing pride in the school and living our school values of Respect, Responsible and Ready to Learn is common place here at Mountainview.

Mountainview High School is an
innovative inclusive high school that is
fiercely proud of the work it does.

Principals Welcome

I am proud to welcome you to the Mountainview website and trust that you will find the information that you need. After reading I am sure you will agree with me that everything about Mountainview High School is exciting. We are a progressive high school that pursues personal excellence in all that we do. Whether it is the physical campus or the learning in and beyond our classrooms, you do not have to look hard to find excellence.

Being a relatively new school in our current form has allowed us to embrace innovation and not be hamstrung by tradition. This has created an approach to education that is highly responsive to the needs of our students. We provide a technology rich broad curriculum that ensures our students grow and develop into well rounded and competent individuals. We are proud of the ‘Mounties’ that thrive beyond school.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the Crown Entity charged with the responsibility of overseeing the operations of Mountainview High School. They act as the employer and have responsibility for setting the strategic direction of the school. This can be found by consulting the policies on the policies page and by reading the school Charter

The Board represents all stakeholders with Trustees (with the exception of the Student Trustee) being elected every three years. Board members are always happy for you to make contact and to share concerns or ideas.

Current Board members are:
Mr Peter Coulter,
Board Chair
Mrs Fiona Cameron,
Parent Representative
Mr Ross Christie,
Parent Representative
Mr Andrew Dixon,
Parent Representative
Mrs Anne Ellis Parent,
Mr Mark Jones,
Miss Nikki MacLaren,
Student Representative
Mr Miles Winter,
Staff Representative

Staff Directory

Barge Sarah  Geography
Barge Trevor HOD Geography
Blackie Al HOD Visual Art
Buckham Michelle Social Science
Buckley Dave Ag/Hort
Campbell Sheree Spanish
Diamond Kenny HOD Languages
Duncan Brent HOD Arts
Gilchrist Michael Guidance Counsellor
Harris Mary Learning Support
Haua Ani Maori
Jacob Tess HOD Food Tech
Johnson Peter HOD Maths
Jones Mark Principal

King Tamzin Maths
Kirkwood Lois Careers
Konings Mary-Jane Science
Kuperus Murray Business studies
Lafferty Margaret Maths
McGregor Phil PE
Mann Ian HOD Technology
Marsh Alice History/Classics
Marsh Peter Science
Martin Don Hard Materials
Mecchia Rae HOD Learning Support
Milburn Rowan Assistant Principal
Murphy Alvina HOD Transition
Oakden Natasha PE
Pagan Kate Science

Pettigrew Lyndall English
Peters Eric PHO/DVC
Peters Liz Deputy Principal
Phillips Chris HOD PE/Health
Presley Mark Digital Technology
Price Roger Maths
Redgrave Mark HOD Science
Rosewall Johanna ESOL
Rush Rebecca HOD Drama
Shears Heather Transition
Taynee Anjee English
Telfer Bill HOD Economics
Wilson John International Students Director
Winter Miles Health/Timetables
Wooffindin Kirsty English
Wulff Paul HOD History/Classics