Welcome to Mountainview High School, Haere mai, Haere mai.

Our school is situated in Timaru, the thriving main centre of South Canterbury in the South Island of New Zealand. Timaru is a small city that has a beautiful coastline. We are close to other centres as well as the lakes and mountain districts of this magnificent country.

Mountainview High is an exciting and successful Year 9 – 13 co-educational secondary school that has been on its current site since 1984. Our campus is beautiful, with views over the hills and distant mountains and the school layout provides a stunning working and learning environment for all students and staff. It is the envy of many schools in New Zealand.

At Mountainview, our students come first! We pride ourselves on the extensive range of subjects and our main goal is to ensure that every student gains the academic qualifications and social skills that will enable them to be successful as members of their communities well after they have completed their studies with us.

Our co-educational environment is an ideal platform for International Students where acceptance, tolerance and harmony is an everyday part of life. International students are able to participate in all the activities of the school. We pride ourselves on the way in which they become quickly integrated with sporting, cultural and other extra-curricular activities. We are proud of the way in which our students make Mountainview High School a very special place to be a part of.

Student Stories

From former Thailand International Student Nut

Hi! My name is Nut. I was an exchange student from Thailand. Even though I stayed in New Zealand for only a short period, I still enjoyed every moment there. I lived in Timaru with a very kind host family and studied at Mountainview High School. At that time, I felt like I didn’t want to go back to Thailand because I really love this school. I can choose any subject that I want to learn which some of our Thai schools can’t. Moreover, all the teachers were very kind and friendly. They all welcomed me nicely. I feel so lucky that once in my life I have been to New Zealand. Thank you for taking good care of me.
Nuttacha Suphanimitwatsana (Nut)

From former Thailand International Student Kaow

The first day that I came to New Zealand my host family gave me a very warm welcome. It felt like home they were always smiling and gave me a hug before I go to bed. My host family were very happy, funny and lovely family also their pets are all nice to me.
I really enjoy the food there in New Zealand, it’s very different kind of food from home but they were also delicious. My favourite food in New Zealand was fish and chips, creamy ice-cream and roasted lamb. My first day of school was a very nice day, every one was very friendly they are all nice, cute and lovely. I got many friends from the school. My buddy is so nice she is very beautiful I love her a lot. I have been to many beautiful places in New Zealand such as Lake Tekapo and Oamaru. New Zealand is so natural and they have a nice and clear sky at daytime and a lot of stars a night time. Now I feel like New Zealand is my second home. It’s was very beautiful memories and I’m sure that I will go back visit my host family and friends or to be an exchange student again.
Phimphiroon Boonchat (Kaow)

From former Germany International Student Marvin

Hey, my name is Marvin Petersen. I´m from Germany and I had the privilege to study at Mountainview High School for 10 Months. In my time here, Mountainview has always made sure that all my needs were met and furthermore the Staff as well as students supported me in making these 10 Months the best experience, I could possibly have had. For example I was included in the school musical, enjoyed tramping in the middle of nowhere and even went bungy jumping in Queenstown. I was able to see a lot of New Zealand in this year and Timaru truly is a pearl. It is a small, but lovely town. I love the bay and the close town. All the people I met here are like a small family for me and even my homestay is, despite our differences, a big support and a surrogate home. Mountainview is a special school. It sees your potential and supports you in coming closer to your dreams. It recognizes your effort. This year I received several Prices at Senior Prize giving, including first overall in Psychology and ESOL. I´m really thankful for everything in the last 10 Months and I´m looking forward to coming back one day to visit my new, second home.
Marvin Petersen

From former Thailand International Student Ice

Living in other country is not easy. I’m one of the International students that came for education in New Zealand , where everything is different for my country. First time that I was arrived here I felt that I can’t stay any longer but when I try to go along with people here , I fine it more easy and comfortable . Mountainview high school teach me many thing that I haven’t done before like Drama class, Photography , Art grapic etc. and Kiwi students are also very friendly and kind to us that make me feel more than welcome and help me a lot. Homestay is other points that help me a lot to and me make change my viewpoint and make me feel comfortable at there house, I also like the city here . Life is very easy here because we don’t have any traffic jam or polution . This is my opinoin for Timaru and Mountainview high school for my experiences.
Thai students
Adisorn Jadmuang ( ice )

Living in Timaru

Mountainview High School is a modern well-equipped state co-educational school located on a magnificent and spacious site overlooking the sea and mountains.

Originally established in 1901, it was rebuilt on a new site in 1983 with a new name of Mountainview High School. Emphasis is placed on providing a caring environment where high standards of academic excellence are expected.

Academic Programme

The school accepts students from Year 9 to Year 13. A wide choice of subjects is available. Extracurricular activities offered include golf, skiing and snowboarding, tramping, sailing and a variety of sports teams engaging in regular competition, including basketball, badminton, table tennis, soccer, rugby, volleyball and hockey. Tuition in musical instruments is available, and music and drama play an important part in school life.

English Language Support

A comprehensive ESOL programme is available from highly-trained and qualified ESOL teachers.

Course Commencement

Students are accepted at any time during the year.

Student Support

On first arrival students are met at Christchurch International Airport at no extra cost. There is a full-time Director of International Students to look after their needs.


This is with a New Zealand family (homestay).

In Summary

Mountainview High School provides excellent preparation for university study. Class sizes are limited so that students are able to receive close personal attention. We assist students with their applications for university.

International News

So far this year we have had 24 students as part of our programme with more to come. This number included 9 students from a school in Thailand who spent a very enjoyable 3 weeks with us.

Students are well settled into their programmes, and we have also had a great trip to Dunedin with some international students from other South Canterbury schools. The trip included visits to-Moeraki Boulders, Oamaru historic sector, ice skating, shopping, museum, and a bit of sight-seeing. We were really proud of the group and the way they took part. Many positive comments were received from the places we visited.

One of the best aspects about having these students in the school is the cultural value they add to our whole student body. We had many students act as Kiwi buddies for the Thai Group that came. Their role was to provide guidance and support so that they felt part of the school. The students followed their buddies to classes and group meetings and got to make new Kiwi friends. At the end of the Thai visit we had a lunch, presented certificates to the students involved and they had an opportunity to bid them farewell. Many of the Thai students wanted to come back next year and one boy wants to come back and finish his high school education here. That is a good sign that things went well for them.

Our Homestays continue to provide a great service to these students. It is important that the internationals are in homes that treat them as they would their own children, provide support when needed, and generally enjoy the benefits of providing a good “Kiwi experience”. We have a great set of homestays but are always looking for more. If you are interested in finding out about this, please send me an email at

In Term 3 we have another 13 students arriving – 3 junior high students from Japan (7 weeks), 3 German students (all year) and 7 students from Brazil (until mid-November). It is going to be a busy time. We are planning a trip to Queenstown, a trip to Christchurch and a trip skiing. There will be notices home about all this of course.

Thank you to everyone, Kiwi students, staff and homestays for making our internationals feel welcomed and part of our school. They provide us with an opportunity to add cultural value to Mountainview and we have the opportunity to learn about other cultures and make friends from all over the world. Well done everyone.

International Accommodation

The aim of the Homestay Host Programme is to provide the student with a New Zealand cultural experience in a family environment that is positive and accepting of the cultural differences each student will bring.

Our international students come to us from all over the world as part of their overseas experience. Whilst exciting, we are aware that this time can also be a bit daunting and can be a source of nervousness. Our experienced homestay families are well-experienced at dealing with this.

We like the Homestay option because it exposes our international students to English in an everyday setting, and our Kiwi way of life. To make the most of this opportunity, and to be involved in the family, the student needs to be prepared to “take part” in the daily routines of the host family. For example,

  • Help prepare meals and help clean up afterwards
  • Spend time with the family after meals (whether watching TV or going for walks)
  • Do not hide away in the bedroom
  • Talk to the family about your day
  • Ask permission before going out
  • Keep your room tidy
  • Do not spend all the time on the internet.

Host familes come in all shapes and sizes. Whatever the make up of the host family, they will have gone through a thorough checking process, including Police Checks, and be approved by the school. Our basic philosophy is…

“If we wouldn’t want our own children in the home, we would not put a student in there.”


International student report

International Report 2017

This year Mountainview High School had 28 students from all over the world. They all participated in their classes and shined in all different ways such as sports, art, music, studies, socialization.

We started term one with 5 nationalities (13 students). Mayor Damon Odey invited us to welcome ceremony at Caroline Bay Hall where about 120 students from all the students in South Canterbury invited. The Kapahaka performance by Timaru Girls HIgh School and Timaru Boys High School was the first time to know about Maori culture for some of the students.

Most of the senior international students attended to the MVHS ball in Term Two. Many of us do not have the culture of ball parties and I particularly enjoyed watching girls being busy choosing their dresses while boys were struggling organising rides and corsage. We enjoyed dancing; taking thousands of photos, seeing other kiwi friends dress up, eating food and everything. No wonder why Om(Teeraya Pariyakanok) and Nagito Tanaka were chosen as the cutest couple and  Erumo Sako who is the fashion leader was given the price of “galaxy girl”

In Term Three, 6 Korean youngsters, 3 Japanese boys and one girl, Jack from Taiwan and Karolina from Poland joined in the crazy international student group and with Mr.Wilson, Mrs.Rosewall, Mr.Daymond and those new students, we went to Queenstown and had a great time.We had many different opportunities of activities we could do.  Everyone went on gondola and had a fierce battle of the luge including Mr.Daymond. When Ryo Nibe tried bungy jump, he did not take any moment to jump off from nearly 50 meter high! Korean students cooked delicious food from their culture for dinner, which all the students enjoyed and loved.

Dinner with all the international students, executive council and staff was held in Hiwi common in right beginning of Term Three. The Kapahaka group sang the school anthem then we had fish and chips and Pavlova because they represent kiwi food. All the Kiwi students gave a warm welcome for the new students by playing cards and games. Nikita Hamilton, the head girl, introduced herself in Japanese as she had been learning Japanese with Nagito since last year. This night gave the students opportunities to know more about their seniors, school and New Zealand culture.

I am really impressed by the international student’s participation and achievement in sports this year. Benz (Panuwat Subsonsung), Nagito, Arthur Jim, Om, and myself played badminton and we gained six prizes in total at South Canterbury Badminton Competition. Beside the badminton racket, Benz and Arthur took a part in MVHS football team with Aoi Matsumoto, Ryo Nibe, Haruki Nakamura. Arthur was also the only Junior student in the MVHS basketball’s A team was captained was Nagito and they were both chosen as members of the South Canterbury team.

Yasuyuki Shinto broke MVHS swimming records that were set by him last year. The support he had from his host family him greatly to be in New Zealand event. They take him to training even early in the morning before the school starts, discussed with him how he could be improve and pushed him to raise his motivation. He almost had training every day and his hard work was proved by breaking another record of 400-meter free relay at the South Island competition with the South Canterbury West Coast representative team.

I have been taking ESOL class all the time in New Zealand and Mrs.Rosewall always has been the best teacher. As this year was the last year for many of us, each of us had different requirement such as such as different English test to have tertiary education in oversea. Therefore, Mrs.Rosewall taught every week for students who need extra by using her time after school. I am sure that I used her pocket money a lot to photocopy for my work but she was always happy to do more photocopy and marking. I do not know how to thank her enough but I am just grateful to her because I could definitely not achieve my goal without her help.

There is another person that cannot be missed for all of the international students which is Mr. Wilson who is the international director. He always has been beside us like dad. He tells us off but end of the day, he smiles and makes us smile with strange jokes. For international students who are far away from their own parents and being in totally new environment and culture, the time being in here can sometimes be very hard. However knowing that we have him makes enormous difference because he had been helping us all the time for example about homestay, school work, our future, health, socialising and all sorts of things. I will miss his jokes even I have heard them hundred times. Thanks to Mr. Wilson for all the support with your care you gave us.

Also I would like to thank for all the staffs and Kiwi students who gave us warm welcome and supports. I would not have as wonderful time as I had and succeed if I did not come to Mountainview High School and this must be the same for all the international students.

This year, international students were mixed with Kiwi friends much more than other years and participated in sports and classes and because I know how hard it is, this success is just incredible. Well done and thanks to all.

Miyu Tateishi

Head International Student

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This year, within the international student group, we have had wonderful bonding times on trips to Queenstown, Dunedin, the Antarctic Centre and Orana Park. Furthermore, international Mounties have also enjoyed many trips alongside Kiwi Mounties. While Miyu, Eriko, Katherine, Marvin, Shintaro and I spent a brilliant weekend tramping with the school’s tramping group, Satoko travelled the South Island performing with the Mountainview Jazz Band.

International students’ participation and achievements in sport, art, and community services have also been excellent this year. During Tournament week, Tawan and Mick competed for the Mountainview Senior Boys Football team, while Sandy, Miyu, and Eriko represented Mountainview and competed in table tennis and badminton. Shintaro was a great sportsman who was very well known among fellow tennis players, and members of the softball team. Special congratulations to Sandy for winning the MVP of the year title in table tennis. In Arts, Pauline and Marvin were fabulous in their roles in our school’s glamorous musical, Footloose. Satoko, in particular, has gained notable achievements in Music. Not only was she a member of the Mountainview Jazz Band, but her brass band also won the Judges’ Favourite in the Chamber Music Competition. In addition, she won 2nd Runner-up in Mountie’s Got Talent for her brilliant piano performance accompanied by Zaveaus McLaughlin.

Congratulations, Satoko!

As for community services, our big Thai group went to primary schools to share about their culture and decorated the Mountainview common’s walls with information about Thailand. Also, Camilla participated in Moana’s interwhanau challenge and Teeraya, Adisorn, Marvin, Pauline, Miyu, Satoko, and Sandy enthusiastically volunteered to help out at the South Canterbury International Festival. On the whole, it’s great to see our international students being involved in many great activities out of class time.

Finally, on behalf of all international students, I would like to give special thanks to Mr. John B. Wilson, Mrs. Johanna Rosewall, and Mr. Bruce Aston.

Thanks to Mr. Wilson, our International Director; we have got wonderful homestay families this year for every student. Our students are very happy in their homestays and get along well with their host families. Furthermore, he has organized many great activities throughout the year for us and always recruits the best international people to Mountainview.

Thanks Mrs. Rosewall for always being our passionate and caring ESOL teacher. She is very well respected and loved by all international Mounties.

Thanks Mr. Aston, our international relief teacher, who has taken good care of us while Mr. Wilson is away.

Last but not least, I would like to thank all teachers, staff and Mounties who have always given us warm welcomes and support. I cannot emphasize how incredibly important you all are to us and our journey.

Thank you and best wishes to all.

Pan Bui
International Student Representative

International Enrolment

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