Kia ora koutou,

I hope you have found the last few weeks of homeschooling, in your bubble, a positive experience. As noted in our earlier correspondence, we are pleased to welcome students back into the school next Monday, May 18th. This letter will cover several important updates that students should know before they enter the school grounds.

These devices will be needed for student learning on site at Level 2. It is not possible for students to hold onto these devices, even in the rare instance that they are continuing to learn remotely.

The Government has stated clearly that school is a safe place for students, and therefore we are expecting all students to return to our physical site. That being said, if you have a concern about the health of your child, or believe your child needs to continue to learn remotely for a specific reason, please contact the school office on Monday.

School will start at 8.40am on Monday, May 18th.
The school timetable will be as follows:
Group: 8.40am – 9.35am
Period 1: 9.35am – 10.35am
Period 2: 11.05am – 12.45pm
Period 3: 1.35pm – 3.10pm

  • Please be aware that it is a requirement for all students to go through the Health and Safety protocols. Students arriving late will need to complete the induction before they can enter the regular classrooms.
  • Students will need to provide their own stationary each day. This includes pens, pencils etc… This is important as it will reduce the risk of transmission between students.
  • Students will also need to supply their own headphones if they wish to use headphones. Sharing these across multiple people is an issue and could lead to an increased risk of transmission.
  • The Hauora Hub will have a capacity limit of 5 people at any one time. It is important that this is maintained throughout the pandemic. If it is an emergency, students should report to the student office.
  • Students WILL NOT be permitted to leave the school grounds at breaks and lunch times. Students with a lunch pass will also need to stay on the school grounds, so it is important that they bring their lunch and water bottle to school with them.

Health and Safety information:
Monday Group Time and part of Period one will be spent with your Coaches to establish safety protocols and reconnect with your group teacher and class. If a student is feeling unwell they should be at home. If students begin to feel unwell during the day they are to go to the front office for the staff to contact parents and collection of the student arranged. Students are to sanitise their hands coming into and going out of a learning space. Hand wash frequently during the day. The school has acquired a large quantity of sanitiser, so there is no need for students to supply their own.

  • The aim is to remain as contactless as possible:
  • Where possible sit apart from other students. Ideally a seat between if there is room, however this will not always be possible.
  • Avoid being close enough to touch or breathe on another person.
  • Teachers will be observing appropriate distancing – preferably from the opposite side of your desk.
  • Contactless greetings. No hugging or touching your friends.
  • Sneeze into the elbow
  • If you are using a school device make sure that it has been cleaned / sprayed before you use it / clean /spray as you return it. Follow your teacher’s instructions.
  • Minimal movement around the classroom.
  • If it is necessary to leave the teaching space, only one person at a time. Teachers will note what time you leave the classroom and then return.
  • Social protocol procedures should be observed outside of the buildings as well. Some high frequency areas have been modified to reduce the foot traffic.
  • Do not use the drinking fountains.
  • Keep your bag with you. There will no longer be a bag room for classes in the common areas.
  • Students will not be permitted to leave the school grounds during the breaks. This includes Year 13’s.
  • If parents need to bring you something you have forgotten, they must enter the school from the front office. They are not permitted to meet you at the roadside from the car.
  • Pick up and drop off for school should be at the front of the school and not in the car parks.
  • Social distancing must be observed at the canteen.
  • If students need to access the school office via the student door, only one student is to enter at a time.
  • There will be no assemblies for the first 2 weeks of school.
  • You will be advised of the procedures for PE and sports by your teacher / coach.

Ngā mihi
Kenny Diamond