Kia ora koutou, I hope you and your family have enjoyed this time together and despite the lock-down, you have found some time to relax and reflect on Term 1. With the school term set to begin tomorrow, albeit remotely, now is a good time to advise students and their whanau about some of the provisions we have made over the holidays.
I’m sure students are feeling a mix of emotions at the present time and their wellbeing is first and foremost our primary concern. If students are not in a good space, in regards to their wellbeing, any progress will be limited. Again, if you are concerned for your own, your family, or your friends wellbeing please contact us via our wellbeing email
Work will be provided for students by 10am each day. Set work will be uploaded onto Google Classroom for the students. This work has been carefully adapted and prepared by their teachers, and is designed to be a much trimmed down version of the work that they would complete in a physical classroom. To be clear, it is just as valuable, but with a sole focus on what are the most essential aspects of the learning. Students can complete this work at any point during the day; if it is inconvenient for them to follow the regular school timetable, they are not required to do so. Routine, however, can be a positive influence during times of heightened stress so try to find one that works for your bubble. Teachers will be available to help with any matters related to learning, and they will let students know how to make contact using their Google Classroom, over the next few days. Some teachers will operate during their regular timetabled lesson slots, answering questions via classroom, email, and/or video conference, others may give students designated times where they can be contacted so it is important that students check ALL of the school emails and Google Classrooms tomorrow.
We have been working towards ensuring that all students have a device if they need one, and these devices were with the courier this afternoon and should arrive over the next few days. If, for some reason, you were missed off the device list and require one, please contact our office and we will arrange for one to be sent to you.
We are aware that some whanau would prefer paper packs of work, and we are working on having those delivered to you, free of charge. Again if you would prefer paper packs of work, please contact the school office and we can arrange for those packs to be sent out.
The Government has also made progress towards setting up learning channels on both TVNZ and Maori Television. These channels will cater for different age groups at different times each day. While we, in the first instance, would prefer students to complete the work set by the school, if this is not possible these channels could provide an alternative.
I have broken the following sections into two parts so you only need to read the part relevant to you.

All modules will run during the remote learning phase of this term. Work should be uploaded on the days that the module would normally run, unless otherwise stated by the teachers. PODS will not run during the remote learning phase, with the exception of Spanish, which will run as it is a year long course. There is also an opportunity for students who wish to do Te reo Maori. Please contact the school office if this something you would be interested in doing. We are also looking at creating some Literacy and Numeracy specific lessons for all students in Years 9 and 10 to complete while they are learning remotely, more information will follow in the coming days. At present the change of semester is set to take place in week 6, we will monitor the situation and keep whanau informed about any changes to this process.

Where possible courses have been adapted to ensure that students are able to complete the assessments remotely. Any assessments that cannot be completed remotely will be either adapted or moved to a later date in the year. There will be very little movement in the timetable at the semester change this year, so most senior timetables will remain unchanged for the year. If this is an issue, please discuss it with your Coach when they call to touch base with you this week. We are aware that completing work remotely in practical subjects may cause some anxiety, but we are working on a solution for this.
Finally, your coach will be contacting you, on the number you gave them, this week. I hope you use this contact time to discuss what is important to you. Any questions you have, please feel free to raise them with your coach.

I’m sure you may have questions about what school will look like long term, but we will wait until the Government has made their announcement next week before we open that dialogue. I know this has been a long message, but I would like to take just a little bit more of your time to say how proud I am of everyone in our community. Our staff, students, and their whanau have pulled together (figuratively not literally) to stamp out this contagion in our community. I am also aware that this decision has come, for some, at a considerable emotional, financial, and social cost and that sacrifice needs to be acknowledged, kia kaha, and remember the whakataukī “He waka eke noa”.
Ngā mihi
Kenny Diamond