Important Notice received about ongoing rolling strikes

Dear Parents and Caregivers
As you will be aware, the PPTA, Secondary Teachers Union is negotiating with the Ministry of Education to improve educational conditions for your children.
We have received notice from the PPTA National Office that industrial action will continue in the form of rolling strikes.
The nature of this action will be ‘continuous withdrawal of labour related to particular year groups’.
What does this mean for Mountainview High School and how will it impact on the students and families at Mountainview High School?
PPTA members will be on strike from Mountainview High School for the dates below:
Tuesday 11 June CANCELLED – Yr 10 students to be at school on this day.
Tuesday 25 June Yr 11 students will not be taught on this day.
Tuesday 2 July Yr 12 students will not be taught on this day.
I apologise that this short notice may cause supervision issues for some families, particularly those in the junior school. However, this is beyond our control and we will not be providing any specialist instruction. Thank you for your support of our teachers and I hope this industrial matter is resolved soon to avoid further disruption to student learning.
Mark Jones